The Chai Meeting is one of the most crucial elements vietnamese order bride of a South Vietnamese marriage. One of the most interesting and moving aspects of a Vietnamese bride is how it honors the family’s grandparents and friends while also celebrating the marriage.

The couple’s household people are carried in a parade that begins the meeting with gifts. Typically, these presents are kept in Mam Qua, crimson tin trays that are also covered in red fabric. These presents may be given to the couple’s relatives once the groom and his relatives have arrived at her home. This gesture is intended to demonstrate that the family agrees with their ask for the couple’s hand in marriage.

The groom’s relatives will serve the few green tea or Daisy tea after the gifts have been given. Next, they may wish them a happy career and congratulate them with presents of money or bracelets. The handful will then be led to their home for the marriage celebration by their mothers.

The bridal gathering does typically remain held at the vicar’s residence. Currently, nevertheless, some lovers choose to have it at a marriage venue as opposed. The pair should celebrate their love and introduce themselves to their friends and family at the bridal group. The newlyweds have the opportunity to bless their loved ones for their assistance and blessings during this gathering. The bride and groom likely stop by each tables during the group to exchange greetings and congrats.

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At a South Vietnamese ceremony, the tea service

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