Terms and Conditions for Global Students in Yogamalika.org -> (Click My Global Classes link)

Terms & Conditions and User License of  Discourses by Swami Paramarthananda’s Audio / Video & Books, etc:

• We request to listen to the classes directly from www.yogamalika.org which is the official and authorised site to host  Swami Paramarthananda’s talks and avoid downloading them.

• We request to avoid posting and circulating the audio recordings of Swami Paramarthananda’s classes & books in the Internet or in any other form.

• There are different web sites in which the audio recordings of many talks of Swami Paramarthananda’s are illegally available.

• Audio CDs and Books sold by our organization is for single user license only, avoid posting the same in internet or any such activity.

Copyright Warning Notices:

Copyright © 1996-2019. Mantra holds the right to stream the digital content since 1996.

• We wish to inform that all those web sites carry the audio recordings & books of Swami Paramarthananda’s in violation of all norms of Intellectual Property. We request all such websites, Channels and promoters/students of such activities to remove the content from their respective website/channels with immediate effect and avoid any such activities in future.

• Violating copyright is a serious offense and is punishable. If students are found engaging in this activity, we shall terminate their access to our e-Learning program. We request the students to support this and also bring to our notice at mantraglobus@gmail.com.

• We take Security vulnerabilities , Copyright Violation  and user privacy very seriously. We appreciate your help in keeping our site safe and our copyright protected. Please report to the Admin amdorai@gmail.com and quote your subject of request.

User Name and Password is not required to access free classes.

It is mandatory to keep yourself updated with the latest E-Learn information available online. For more information pls click on the below E-Learn Information link:

E-Learn Information

Terms and Conditions for Global Students in Yogamalika.us -> (Click My Library Classes link)

Listen Only: Students can choose from the list of classes available under ‘E-learn Courses’. Click “Subscribe” button to add the talk to cart. After selecting the talks, click on “View Cart” link to go to the cart and check out. Click “Proceed to Checkout” button and make online payment to confirm your subscription. After successful payment send your subscription details along with subscribed courses info to mantraglobus@gmail.com to enable access. Access to the subscribed talks will be available for 21 days.

Downloadable: Some courses which are available for downloads are listed under “Downloadable Courses” and “Divyanadam Chanting Series”. After you purchase the course send your subscription information(Payment & Classes Subscribed) to mantraglobus@gmail.com
then the download link will be available at “My Downloads”.

  • Members are allowed to download only once.
  • Single user license only (do not circulate)
  • Save it in your personal devices like Laptop, iPad, iPhone etc.,
  • Chantings/Talks should be bought together as a whole volume, selection of single track is not allowed
  • For further request on classes and queries should be sent to mantraglobus@gmail.com.

****E-Learning is completely digital transaction so no physical receipts is issued.
**** The above responsibilities are given to the student to mail the requested details to the above id. Reporting your concern to any other person will not change the above procedure. We request all the members abide by the rules of e-learning and enjoy the learning process. Do not send irrelevant information’s to us. We will not respond nor reply to such emails and it will be classified as spam.