The price action cheat sheet below will help you remember all the forex chart patterns learned through this trading guide and what they signal. We’ve listed the most popular forex patterns, along with what type of trends they work, the signals they generate and if they are forecasting upwards or downwards prices. In technical analysis, the triangle pattern is one of the most popular continuation chart patterns. The ideal market environment for the triangle pattern to emerge is when the forex market is entering an ongoing consolidation period.

  • Usually buyers lose their cool and clamber for the price to increasing highs before they realise they’ve overpaid.
  • For a currency pair that is moving down, then reverses back up, you can also have an "inverted" head and shoulders chart pattern, which looks like the image below turned upside down.
  • Many of you wanted to apply these same techniques to other trading times.
  • See if you can spot a situation where a double bottom might occur in the AUD/USD currency pairing.
  • Dragonfly and gravestone dojis are two general exceptions to the assertion that dojis by themselves are neutral.

When you trade corrective wedges your stop loss should be placed right beyond the side, which is opposite to the breakout. The double top entry is triggered once the valley between the two tops is broken to the downside. The stop loss can be hidden above the two peaks respectively below the two valleys in the case of the double bottom. Candlestick charts are similar to line charts as they display the same price information but in a visually different way. Candlesticks charts display the price range between the opening and closing price with a rectangle. In a bar chart, the small horizontal dash line to the left represents the opening price, while the horizontal dash line to the right represents the closing price.

9 Hanging Man Candlestick Pattern

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Forex chart patterns and which are our favorite ones to make profits from the market. Pennants are mostly formed during a trend and could be traded by new and experienced traders. The pattern tends to form frequently and provide good additional entry points. Many traders add multiple positions to ride the trend more profitably. The pattern is validated once prices break above the pattern with a candle close above the trend line. Prices tend to continue in the direction of the previous trend after completion of the pattern.

forex patterns

Last but not least, the head and shoulders is best traded on the 4-hour chart or higher. However, I have found that the best price structures tend to form on the daily time frame.

2 Doji Candlestick Pattern

It always happens, bulls versus bears, but with ascending triangles, the bears are located in a very concentrated area, while bulls are buying in the development of an uptrend. To play these chart patterns, you should consider both scenarios and place one order on top of the formation and another at the bottom of the formation. For example, when trading a bearish rectangle, place your stop a few pips above the top or resistance of the rectangle. For continuation patterns, stops are usually placed above or below the actual chart formation.

You can check out the best ea forex website for more info on that. Conversely, the Double Bottom is a reversal chart pattern that comes after a bearish trend, creates a couple of bottoms in the same support area, and starts a fresh bullish move. The forex patterns pattern is formed when prices while in a uptrend tend to stay within the trend lines and show consolidation due to traders’ partial profit booking. The consolidation phase is marked by the price staying within the trend lines, forming a triangle.

Descending Triangle

However, by adding “bull” or “bear” to the designation, we’re giving it a directional bias. So as you might expect, it is most often traded as a continuation pattern. There are three common mistakes I see traders making when it comes to trading the wedge. While that may occasionally work out in your favor, a much better approach is to determine whether or not that objective lines up with a pre-existing key level. If it does, perfect, however a more common scenario is one where the market will come in contact with a key level prior to reaching the objective. Another common mistake among Forex traders is to use a measured objective as a “one-stop shop”. In other words, they simply measure out the distance in pips and then set a pending order to book profits at that level.

The Forex Chart Patterns Guide With Live Examples

Best technical traders always look for clues in the charts and use the charts to make their trading decisions. Chart patterns provide the traders with invaluable insight and assist the traders in spotting the best entry points. It’s always recommended to keep a chart pattern cheat sheet handy in a pdf. For quick reference, you can download the 28 Forex Patterns pdf file here. Double tops, double bottoms, head and shoulders, rounded top, Rounded Bottom, triangles, and Pennants are a few profitable patterns to name. However, most patterns can be traded profitably and would provide a higher risk and reward ratio.


To sum up, the forex chart patterns technical analysis is a crucial part of the Forex price action trading. We had a look at the most common price formations and which ones are our favorites to trade. Though candlestick patterns are a technical analysis component, they form an essential tool in the trader’s arsenal. It’s beyond doubt that the intense study of the candlestick forex reversal patterns will aid every trader in their chart reading skills. A head and shoulders chart pattern is basically a forex reversal pattern. In the example chart below, the currency pair is moving up for a long time then retreats, forming the left shoulder.

The Forex Chart Patterns Guide With Live Examples

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